"As a kid I always wondered how a Galaxy Class Saucer landed.  How exactly does a Borg Cube "excavate" an entire colony?  What would a new golden age of Starfleet exploration look like after the Dominion War?  As an amateur artist, I woke up one day realizing I had the ability to finally share these daydreams with other Trekkers and Sci-fi enthusiasts.  I make no claims of being an artist or of perfection, just sharing the dream!" 

Nathan Warner

Take your work to Ten Forward for Data's concert, ride a shuttle to explore a new world, fall asleep in your quarters, take an away mission to a new planet, or enjoy a Holodeck program with these free audio tracks!

Published through Amazon KDP, "Between Heaven and Earth" is Blabberdock's first collection of artwork - 25 stunning scenes taking you on an adventure across the cosmos.


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About the Artist

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Nathan Warner was educated in the Planetary sciences with degrees in Geology and Geophysics.  Since then, he's worked in engineering support and church ministry.  He's a 3d-animator, graphic artist and designer, and an amateur artist with a love of God's amazing creation.  In 2016, he sought a creative outlet to get "off-world", and his childhood love of Star Trek, with its optimism, sense of duty and responsibility, exploration, and discovery was a natural allure.  He began by composing audio tracks to compete with city sounds; then, he turned to digital composite paintings that "beamed" him up for a little healthy escapism, as he hopes they do for you too.


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